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I recently received an invitation to speak about public speaking and book promotions at the St. Louis Publishers Association monthly meeting. Since I’m in Florida helping to get ready for my niece’s wedding, one of my partners (Jason Makansi, my hubby) is doing the presentation for me. As a former magazine editor, journalist, and consultant, he has spoken to thousands of people in hundreds of venues over the years. I put together the ppt slides and he’s putting his own spin on the talk. After the event is over, we’ll post a link to the slides here.

In the meantime, the whole process got me thinking about what it takes to be an effective speaker. And, while I was thinking about that, I was reminded of some of the most effective presentations I’ve seen. So, I tooled on over to TED talks and spent way too much of my time this morning re-watching a couple of my favorites. If you haven’t watched any of these dynamic presentations, I highly recommend it. You will learn something new and fascinating about an idea “worth spreading” and you will see top notch presenters in action.

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