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Anene Tressler reads from Dancing with Gravity

Over at Anene’s blog, she talks about reading from her award-winning debut novel, Dancing with Gravity, at the Iowa City Book Festival this summer. It was our first book festival and we were thrilled to meet some fantastic authors from around the country, sell some books, and have a great reading. Readings are always tricky and I’ve seen big name authors draw just a few attendees. The key is to provide a great experience for the reader even if it is only THE ONE READER in the audience. Luckily we had more than one attendee and we were, in fact, surprised by the number of people who showed up to hear the reading.

Because Fred Venturini (author of The Samaritan) couldn’t make the book fair, I read a short selection from his book and then Anene read. When it comes to readings, there is only one thing to say about Anene: she is great. I could go on and on, but check it out for yourself: