Scott L. Miller

Scott L. Miller, author of Counterfeit and InterrogationThe author taking a break from writing to pose for the camera.

A licensed psychiatric and medical social worker, Scott L. Miller earned his Master’s in Social Work at St. Louis University in 1979 and has worked with adults, children and the elderly in state and private hospitals in St. Louis city and county ever since. Working at the old Malcolm Bliss and St. Louis State Hospitals provided him with his first taste of the street life partially captured in his current novel.

Long fascinated by the wonder called the human brain and an avid reader of psychological suspense novels, he quit writing exceptionally bad poetry, studied fiction writing under the late John Gardner and more recently at Washington University, and began writing twenty-odd versions of the first novel in his series in lieu of sleeping at night. He currently is working on his third Mitchell Adams novel from his home in Chesterfield where he lives with his wife Beta and their barn of beagles and cats. He finds time for sleep now, unless the animals hog the bed.

Scott’s books include:

9780985007119-counterfeit front cover


Social worker Mitch Adams is asked by a St. Louis Homicide Detective JoJo Baker to counsel Lonnie Washington,  a man arrested for counterfeiting and armed robbery. It’s a sensational case pitting the suspect, a disabled man from north St. Louis, against the federal prosecutor, the heir apparent of a prominent West County family.  But the more Mitch learns about Lonnie–and JoJo–the more convinced he is that the true counterfeiter is not the man behind bars, but the man who put him there—a man with out-sized political ambitions, the adoration of the public, and his very own Secret Service detail. With millions in fake $100 bills up for grabs and in a city rife with racial tensions, Mitch discovers nothing is just black of white.


Interrogation- cover mock-up


The first in Scott’s St. Louis-based crime series introduces the reader to Dr. Mitch Adams, a Ph.D. Social Worker in private practice. Life is good, Mitch is in love, and all is right with the world. Until his girlfriend’s boss, her ex-husband, and a deranged caller derail his whole world. Could the man at the heart of everything be one of his patients?