Rebecca Kelley


Cover - Broken Homes & Gardens


A girl. A guy. A broken-down house.
A Portland love story.

Not exactly on-again, off-again, Malcolm and Joanna are in-again, out-again: in love, out of each other’s arms, in an awkward co-living arrangement, out of the country. Their unconventional relationship is the only way, Joanna says, to protect herself from the specter of commitment, which inevitably leads to heartbreak.

A When Harry Met Sally for the Millennial generation, set in the damp and drizzly neighborhoods of Portland, Oregon, Broken Homes & Gardens is an ode to friendship, lust, and the unrelenting pull of love.

Pub date: April 28, 2015.

About Rebecca:

Rebecca Kelley is a published author and co-editor of The Economical Baby Guide (Stewart Taboori and Chang) and an adjunct professor of general studies at The Oregon College of Arts and Crafts. Kelley’s writing is infused with the sensibilities of the young creative class that uses the Pacific Northwest as its way station for earnest, well-meaning adventure to the world at large. Her fiction concentrates on the quiet dramas of urban domestic life: growing tomatoes, making pancakes, and examining the nature and validity of love and marriage in the context of the modern world. Kelley received her Master of Arts in Writing from Portland State University and is fluent in German. She lives in Portland, OR with her family.


“Rebecca Kelley’s writing is meticulous yet lush, punctuated by a witty edge. She paints scenes like Apartment Therapy: carefully crafted messes that beg the reader to stay for a giant mug of chai under a moss-green chenille throw. Her characters—complex, complicated, bright women on the precipice of complete romantic meltdown, and sympathetic good guys with powerfully flawed timing—are truly likable. Kelley’s work evokes everything that is great about a young hipster in the Pacific Northwest, without the tragic mustaches and old-timey bicycles.”
—Heather Arndt Anderson, author of Portland: A Food Biography

“Funny and engrossing, Broken Homes and Gardens proves that the human heart is the worst jigsaw puzzle ever made.”
—Mark Russell, author of God is Disappointed in You