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What readers are saying:

A richly detailed, intimate look at the struggles of love and hard work and hard choices. With wisdom and compassion, Lynne Hugo explores how we sometimes find our homes in the places and people we’ve left behind. This book draws you in and won’t let you go. A Matter of Mercy is the kind of novel one longs to read – beautifully written, full of crooked fates, terrible loss and hard-won second chances. – Laura Harrington, author of Alice Bliss, winner of Massachusetts Book Award for Fiction

“Lynne Hugo’s novel A MATTER OF MERCY is full of intrigue and heart, as gritty as the inside of a clamshell and tender as a beach sunset. You won’t soon forget this story of two Cape Cod residents struggling against the tides for mercy and reaching out for each other despite the dark currents of their own pasts.”  – Jenna Blum, New York Times and internationally bestselling author of THOSE WHO SAVE US, THE STORMCHASERS, and “The Lucky One” in GRAND CENTRAL.

“Through her exquisite use of language and deft storytelling, Lynne Hugo has rendered a universe so precise it sings of truth and so human it plucks at all the right strings.  She is that rare fiction writer who truly understands the music of good writing, conflating the worlds of prose and poetry into something exalted, a symphony for both the heart and the ear.”    –   Kim Triedman, author of The Other Room

“I could not put this book down. The author draws the reader into each character, and the character literally comes to life before our eyes. This is simply a splendid book.”  –  Susan Kaplan, NetGalley Reviewer

“Hugo tells a story that must be heard.”  – Rosemary Smith, Librarian (NetGalley Review)

“A very enjoyable romantic fiction with more depth than most. A very interesting setting with lots of info about oyster farming, two strong lead characters and a complicated past makes for a good, enjoyable read.”   –   Doris Smith, Bookseller (NetGalley Review)

“Who would have thought a book dealing with oyster fishing in the remote community of Wellfleet could be so absorbing? But it is. This is a book to put at the top of your shopping list. Worth every dollar!”  – Nigel Masterton, NetGalley Reviewer

“A MATTER OF MERCY quickly grabs the reader in a death grip. Great descriptions, true to life and a compelling story make this a book you must not miss.”  –  Jay Williams, NetGalley Reviewer

“Ms. Hugo gives the reader a little mystery, a little love interest, and a little insight into New England oyster farming. I recommend A MATTER OF MERCY.” ~Paula Schumm, NetGalley Reviewer

“A MATTER OF MERCY was a good read, an interesting story with lots of twists and turns. The book was quite enjoyable and I plan to read more by Lynne Hugo.”  –  Jan Gibson (Wick Communications)

“A MATTER OF MERCY is a riveting novel about holding strong to history and family, and the land and seas of beautiful Cape Cod, as three people discover redemption and forgiveness. Beautifully written, this is my first book by Lynne Hugo and I look forward to reading more from this talented author.”  –  Judith D. Collins, Media Professional (NetGalley Review)

“Though fiction, A MATTER OF MERCY contributed to my education. My hope is that others will enjoy this book as I did for the picture of mercy is presented and the glimpse of culture and history to which I had not previously been exposed.”  –  Floyd Johnson (Never on a Sunday Blog)

“I found the characters rich and engaging. It was an excellent read that I found hard to put down.”  –  Loris Mills, NetGalley Reviewer

“The different story lines come together in a very satisfying conclusion.”  –  Debbi Behrman, NetGalley Reviewer

“Great book! A little romance, some drama, a mystery or two thrown in to make it exciting–”  –  Elaine Hayes, NetGalley Reviewer

“…I felt compelled to keep reading. I loved the setting, the pace was excellent, and the descriptions drew me in.”  –  Tracy Farnsworth (Round Table Reviews)