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DRAFTED by Andrew Atherton

The vast majority of troops who served in Vietnam did not spend time “humping in the boonies.” Instead they were stationed “in the rear with the gear” as support troops, better known as rear echelon mother fu**ers. DRAFTED is the fictionalized account of one man’s experience as a REMF.

Praise for DRAFTED:

“The best account of a headquarters company at war since James Jones’s The Thin Red Line.”
- Patrick Coffey, author of American Arsenal:  A Century of Waging War, Oxford University Press

“The thing that struck me the most about your memoir/novel is its raw and courageous honesty. You pull no punches, offer no rationalizations, or self-serving defenses for any of your actions.  Yours is a classic: “this was the Nam, my friend. Take it or leave it. But this is how it was.” For all of the bull crap in any war, you cut through it all to give a genuine portrait of this war–indeed, in so many poignant ways, of any war.  I suppose another invaluable contribution is this horrific, but dare I say, necessary, transformation of the ordinary civilian man into a killer soldier.  In this, we see laid bare the the ugly truth of the steel to the modern nation-state.  This is a tour de force!” - Timothy Lomperis, author of The Vietnam War from the Rear Echelon: An American Officer’s Memoir, 1972-1973

Saigon from above

Saigon from above
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Saigon from above